Cloud Services

Boost productivity in your firm with secure access to your files and applications delivered through the internet

As clients demand constant availability and utmost responsiveness, more and more firms are turning to our Cloud Services to reap its efficiency advantages over their current on-premises solutions. By moving to the cloud, teams are able to collaborate and complete casework or projects anywhere in the world. It also saves the firm physical and financial resources by eliminating the need to purchase and maintain hardware in the office.

DP3 TECH understands that security is one of the biggest concerns for any organization, especially in professional industries. Which is why we put multiple layers of protection and robust backup strategies that are compliant with key regulations to ensure that your clients’ confidential data is safe from cyberattacks and physical disasters. Call us to discuss your cloud support requirements today.

Benefits of DP3 TECH’s Cloud Services include:

  • Savings - eliminates purchase and maintenance of hardware and software
  • Mobility - work through files and applications remotely as you would in the office
  • Scalability - add/remove users or storage with a few clicks
  • Security - get enterprise-grade firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention system, and multi-factor authentication
  • 24/7 Support - access to a helpdesk with unlimited calls and immediate responses
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