Managed Services

Proactive monitoring, advanced security, and on-demand support specially designed for the professional industry

Not having a rigorous approach to technology creates risks for your clients and your practice. DP3 TECH’s Managed Services give value to professional firms like yours by ensuring smooth operations, legal compliance and data security, and providing the tools to help you better serve your clients. We cover every aspect of your technology, so you can focus on growing your practice.

DP3 TECH is adept with document management, email encryption protocols, and industry-specific tools such as time recording, billing, and case management programs. Get in touch with us; we have an established track record of providing network fortification and practice optimization for law and accounting firms around Chicago.

DP3 TECH’s Managed Services gives you:

  • Proactive maintenance - we monitor and secure your networks 24/7 to keep your business up and running at all times
  • Increased productivity - company-wide adoption of internal collaboration and other automation tools
  • Compliance - cutting-edge security measures that keep your network and your clients’ sensitive data safe and compliant with HIPAA, GLBA, and SOX
  • Always-on support - fast response times to your support requests and on-site help as needed
  • Business continuity - a robust backup and replication program to ensure the integrity of your data in the event of a disaster
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