Security Awareness Training

Company-wide assessment and training programs that reduce security risks and employee-related data breaches

A data breach in the professional services and consulting environment means heavy financial loss and reputational damage. And with the increasing number of data breaches each year, cybersecurity is no longer the responsibility of just your IT department, but of everyone in your organization. DP3 TECH conducts comprehensive Security Awareness Training designed to give your employees a solid foundation of understanding of cybersecurity risks and how to minimize them.

Our security awareness experts will teach your employees to make cybersafe decisions, maintain regulatory compliance, and effectively deal with ransomware, spam, spear phishing, malware and social engineering attacks. Protect your client and your business’s confidential data with a strong human firewall of security-aware employees. Schedule a demo with us today.

Our Security Awareness Training program includes:

  • Tailored lessons - we align your program to your company’s needs, security challenges, industry, and work culture
  • Interactive learning - we educate through a variety of media and tools and behavioral science-based learning techniques
  • Comprehensive topics - we incorporate topics such as physical security, password security, email and browser security, social media security, secure remote working, and more
  • Simulated attacks - we conduct simulated custom phishing campaigns
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