Best-in-breed communications solution to support your mobile and growing workforce

DP3 TECH’s VoIP solutions will take your communication and productivity to new heights by allowing you to make and receive domestic and international calls over the internet so you are always ready to serve your clients wherever you are. Aside from valuable features such as voice-to-email transcription, video conferencing, call routing, and call history, it also reduces communication costs with unlimited calls for an affordable flat rate fee.

If you are ready to switch from old legacy phones to a new VoIP system, DP3 TECH will manage everything from planning, implementation, and provide ongoing support. You enjoy more solid client-relationships with enriched communication, improved workflow, and better servicing.

Our VoIP service gives you:

  • Mobility - allows your workforce to move as their work demands
  • Scalability - easily remove or reassign a line as your business needs
  • Accessibility - forward calls to your mobile phones or alternate lines
  • Cost-savings - eliminate hardware costs and expensive long-distance call rates
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